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Camloc Fasteners

Camloc Fasteners Distributor

Widest available selection of quick-operating, 1/4 turn high-performance fasteners. Front mounted, rear mounted are available that eliminate riveting, welding and the need for special tools. Some stud assemblies snap into place with ordinary thumb pressure thus making retaining rings unnecessary.Camloc® fasteners,offer the quickest operating high re-use,mechanical fastening system available. They securely lock and disengage with a simple 90° action. A standard Camloc fastener system consists of a stud and mating receptacle, the panel and frame, along with a method of retaining the stud. Stud retention might be a grommet or retaining ring,or possibly both. Some Camloc series include snap-in type studs, which do not require the use of a retaining ring, and some studs do not require retaining rings or receptacles. Camloc Receptacle types are included with each stud series. Most attach by use of rivets to the underside of the frame. Some simply snap into place from the front or rear of the frame and others are ultrasonically installed.

Camloc Fastener selection consists of finding the desired stud based on strength requirements, head style, installation method and operational characteristics. A  Camloc receptacle is then chosen with the selection, varying based upon the stud selected. When calculating the total material thickness, it is important to consider any paint, finishes or compressed gaskets that may be present in the joint.

Camloc 1/4 Turn Fasteners

Camloc Fasteners 1/4 -Turn fastener product line has the broadest product offering of any other panel fastening systems. Some of the protruding head styles include slotted recess, cross recess, recess style per NAS1078, High-Torque®, hex socket, hex head, slotted hex, folding wing fixed wing, offset fixed wing, folding ball handle, knurled head, knurled knob, plastic knob, plastic T-knob, and handle operated. Unique head styles include  tamper resistant, sealed, push to operate, and self-captivating for rapid installation. Based upon the head style, both protruding and flush mounting configurations are available.

In terms of size and strength Camloc Fasteners offer miniature, general purpose, heavy duty and extra heavy-duty designs along with fasteners with special design features. The Camloc mating receptacle also has numerous options including standard mounting, side mounting, rivetless (for rapid installation) offered in clipon, front loading, rear loading, and ultrasonic styles. Additional configurations include corner mounting special purpose, encapsulated, floating and weld attachment. Camloc Hole preparation, Camloc installation, and Camloc removal tools, in support of the entire 1/4 -Turn product line, are available through Jet-Tek.

The Camloc 1/4 -Turn product line is manufactured from a wide range of materials including Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Spring Steel, Silicon Bronze, Zinc, Plastic, and a variety of Corrosion Resistant Steels. Camloc 1/4- Turn fasteners are available in inch or metric sizes and are covered by “NAS” standards. Typical applications include automotive, electronic computing and office equipment, instrumentation and telecommunications, panels, drawers, and doors.

4002 Series. High strength and vibration resistant.  Working strength 700 LBS. Minimum preload is 50 LBS.
2600/2700 Series. General purpose.  Working strength 200 LBS. Minimum preload is 15 LBS.

5F Series. Miniature fastener with clip on receptacle, working strength: 100 LBS.
91F Series. Extra Heavy Duty. Working strength 1200 LBS. Minimum preload is 120 LBS.
28F Series. Designed for decorative styling. Working strength 200 LBS.
50F Series. General Purpose. Simple rugged design. Working strength 100 LBS.
50F Series. Extra Heavy Duty. Working strength 400 LBS. Minimum preload 100 LBS.Camloc Latch Selection Guide

Camloc Latching Systems

The premier manufacturer of latching mechanisms and avionics hold-down devices, Camloc brings its customers the in-depth experience of many years of working with major aerospace and industrial companies.

Review the Camloc Latch Selection Guide  for details on the series you are seeking.  Guide includes Camloc Series:

30L Series 69L Series 58L Series
34L Series 17L Series 64L Series
95L Series 18L Series 65L Series
96L Series 106L Series 46L Series
58L Series 46L Series 122L Series
104L Series 47L Series 123L Series
119L Series 49L Series 118L Series
5F Series 36/38F Series  50F SERIES
 2600/2700 SERIES  28F SERIES   15f-series
 4002-series  91f-series  79f-series
 49-series  39f/34f-series  km-series
 7C-series 47L Series  51L Series
 29L Series  20L Series   37L Series
 17L/18L Series  95L/96L SERIES  46l/49l Series
 km610/km680 Series  118l Series  104l/pt104l Series
 RF-5000-13 Series  RF-5000-( )-13 Series   RPT( ) Sries
 RFOPB5000 Series  RFOPB5000HDB Series  RFOPB5000HDC Series
 RFOPB5000ED3 Series  RFOPB5000ED2 Series  RFOPB5000WBA Series
 RF( )CRP Series  ORT( ) Series  RF5000DW Series
 RF6900W Series  RF9800DEK Series  RF( )LPDE Series
 RF5000C-( ) Series  101 Series – Thru-Rivet  102 Series – Thru-Bolt
 103 Series – Threaded  Delron Inserts 104 Series  Delron Inserts106 Series
 100 Series, Grommet Type  400 SF Series  400 H, HE Series
 400 HF Series  400 S, SE series  D1832 Series 
 D1833 Series  D1834 Series  D1835 Series 
 D1836 Series  D1837 Series   400 Series and D1800 (NAS 1800) Types
 601 Series -Thru-Rivet  602 Series -Thru-Bolt  603 Series Threaded
 604 Series Threaded  606 Series Threaded  600 Series, Structural Type
 601 Series Flared Thru-Rivet  602 Series Flared Thru-Bolt  603 Series – Flared Threaded
 604 Series – Flared Threaded  606 Series – Flared Threaded  600 Series, Flared Structural Type
A106 Series – Thru-Bolt/Thru-Rivet  D147HF Series -Floating Nut  D137HF Series – Thin Panel 
 RJ100( ) SERIES  RDJ100( ) SERIES  RJ100( ) AND RDJ100( ) SERIES
 RJ200( ) SERIES   RJ200( ) AND RDJ200( ) SERIES   RJ300( ) SERIES 
 RDJ300( ) SERIES   RJ300( ) AND RDJ300( ) SERIES   RJ900( ) SERIES 
 RDJ900( ) SERIES   RJ900( ) AND RDJ900( ) SERIES   RJ( ) SERIES 
 RDJ( ) SERIES  R1000( ) SERIES  R1100( ) SERIES 
 R1000( ) AND R1100( ) SERIES  RJ1200( ) SERIES  RJ2000( ) SERIES
 RJ1200( ) AND RJ2000( ) SERIES   R( ), RJ( ), RDJ( )& RLRR( ) SERIES  R( ), RJ( ) AND RDJ( ) SERIES 
 RJ1700( ) SERIES  RDJ3600( ) SERIES  05-13008( ) SERIES
RCADC( ) SERIES   RCACD( ) SERIES   SRM ( ) ( ) ( ) Series
SRM ( ) ( )L ( ) Series SRMW ( ) SERIES   SRMW ( ) L ( ) SERIES
 SRM( ) SRMW( ) SERIES  DRA330C Series  SRM ( ) L SERIES
R1100W SERIES  R( )D SERIES   7017-490000-00 Series
 PS10047 (MA2110-EN2602)   7027-490000-00 Series  RPTM( ) Series
 ORTM( ) Series  RPF( )-( )DW SERIES   RFM6826-( )W SERIES
 RFM6826-( )D Series  RFM( )LPDE Series  SRMW ( ) D Series
 SRM ( ) W Series  SRM ( ) W2 Series  SRM ( ) S Series
 SRMW ( ) S Series  SRM ( ) R Series  SRPBTM ( ) SERIES 
 SRWPBTM ( ) Series  SRPBTM ( )WB Series  SRM-GSD ( ) Series
 SRMW-GSD ( ) Series  MK4SRM( )AL  MK5SRM( )BL
 DRA429-5205  RF9500-504 Series  RL T9500-24 Series
 RF 9500-6 Series  PS10040   RFR9500-( )-504 Series
 RFR9500-( )-6 Series  RF 8500-504 Series  RL8500-24 Series
 RF-8500-6 Series  RPT9500 Series  ORT95-( ) Series
 RF8500WA Series  RF 9500DA Series  RF8500DA Series
 RF 9500LPD Series  RF9500RT Series  RF8500R Series
 Live Lock CA2000 Series

Camloc Structural latch assemblies are used in applications requiring elevated static and dynamic load-carrying capability for larger structures where ease of access for passenger entry, cargo loading, or maintenance is required.
Hook latches and keeper assemblies offer high reliability and quick access when mounted onto engine fan cowls, fairings or thrust reverser structures. Low profile latches provide ease of closure and can be used in limited access areas.
Adjustable hook latches are used in restricted envelopes where an adjustable keeper cannot be installed. The adjustment property offers quick rigging of the latch.
Rotary latches, available in rotary cam or hook actuated versions, can be operated using standard tools.
Access door mechanisms provide ease of entry into frequently accessed panels, doors and hatches.
Pressure relief door latches provide controlled, pressurization-sensitive release loads for engine cowls, fairings and thrust reverser doors.
Push-button latches are available in both one and two-push button designs. The simplified “button” release offers ease of manual operation, facilitating activation if maintenance is performed while wearing heavy gloves.
Clamps are used for the installation and maintenance of wire bundles, hoses, tubing, cable, and conduits.
Pawl latches are designed to secure hinged panels and small doors. The pawl engages the frame structure through the axial rotation of an actuator that turns a wire-form or solid arm pawl.
Camloc® tension latches are used to install light to heavy-duty hinged doors, panels, and structures.
Chassis latches are offered in a wide variety of styles and strengths. Many are used for removable electronic drawers and can seat multiple-pin connectors or RFI gaskets.
Hold-down devices are designed to secure avionics boxes and modules in a variety of aerospace applications.
Self-compensating injector/ejector levers provide consistent self-compensation for circuit board installation tolerances. With minimal finger pressure, multiple-pin or fiberoptic connections can be seated with controlled forces ranging from 20 to 80 pounds.
Latch handle systems are comprised of various types of mechanisms and provide a means of activating latch systems where access to, or visual contact of the latch mechanism, is limited. Flush handle assemblies are used for cargo, APU or emergency door access.
Remotely operated latching systems are designed for fan cowl, engine fairing and thrust reverser systems.
Multiplepin latch assemblies are used to stow removable or hinged door panels in interior or exterior applications.
Hydraulic snubber assemblies are used as dampening devices for radome and tailcone applications. The hydraulic fluid-filled cylinder provides for dual speed operation in the opening and closing directions. The tailcone snubbers are equipped with a remote lock release mechanism to facilitate closure.

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