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Camloc Latches Selection Guide

Guide Overview

The catalog includes a wide range of tension latches, flush-mounted panel latches, chassis latches and pawl latches. Providing secure lock-up, high performance and quick operating action. Each type listed within the catalog provides general applications along with specs for your reference.

  1. Design and features of light, medium and heavy duty latches
    1. H-4 – H-5
  2. Light duty latches
    1. H-6 – H-12
  3. Medium duty latches
    1. H-14 – H-25
  4. Heavy duty latches
    1. H-27 – H-41
  5. Pawl latches
    1. H-43 – H-55
  6. Panel latches
    1. H-56 – H-65

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Camloc 1/4 turn fasteners are the most widely used panel fastener in the aerospace industry. The variety in style and mounting options provide a fastener than can be used to meet all demands and applications. Camloc fasteners offer the quickest operating and reusable mechanical fastening system available.

We provide same day shipping on in-stock parts and competitive pricing. Contact us today at (800) 804-7876 for a quote and assistance with choosing the correct Camloc fastener for your application!

Overview H-1 Typical Applications H-2 Electronic Equipment H-3 Tension Latches H-4 Tension Latches H-5
Light Duty Tension Latches H-6 Light Duty Tension Latches H-7 30L Series H-8 34L Series H-9 95L Series H-10
96L Series H-11 47L Series H-12 Custom Latches H-13 Medium Duty Latches H-14 Medium Duty Latches H-15
20L Series H-16 20L Series H-17 20L Series H-18 29L Series H-19 51L Series H-20
51L Series Specs H-21 51L Series Strikes H-22 51L Installation Data H-23 69L Series Features H-24 69L Series Strikes H-25
When to Use Latches H-26 Heavy Duty Tension Latches H-27 17L Series H-28 18L Series H-29 37L Series H-30
37L Series Specs H-31 37L1/37L11/37L25 H-32 37L Strikes/Specs H-33 37L Attachments H-34 37L Seam Data H-35
137L Series H-36 46L Series H-37 49L Series H-38 46L/49L Installation H-39 58L Series H-40
58L Installation H-41 Pawl Latches H-43 64L Series H-44 64L Installation H-45 65L Series H-46
65L Installation H-47 106L Features H-48 106L Series H-49 106L Installation H-50 106L Attachments H-51
122L/123L Series H-52 122L Series H-53 123L Series H-54 122/123L Installation H-55 Panel Latches H-56
Actuated Latches H-57 KM610/KM680 Series H-58 KM610/KM680 Installation H-59 118L Series H-60 118L Installation H-61
104L Series H-62 PT104L Series H-63 119L Series H-64 119L Installation H-65  Hook Latches
 Low Profile Hook Latches  Adjustable Hook Latches  Hook Latches Keepers  Hook Latch And Keeper Fittings  Pressure Relief Latches
 Push Button Latches  Shear Tension Latches  Rotary Latches  Rotary Latch Strikers  Shear Pin Latch Assembly
 Latch Handles  Hinges  Hydraulic Snubber Assemblies