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Camloc Fasteners

Distributor of Camloc Fasteners

Camloc is a family of panel fastening devices manufactured by Alcoa Fastening System. The Camloc 1/4 turn fastener is the most widely used panel fastener in the aerospace industry, and its applications extend into other industries as well. These fasteners are designed to be fast operating and high performance, while eliminating the need for riveting. They consist of a stud, a receptacle and a retaining ring or snap-in style grommet. Camloc 1/4 turns allow the user to fasten and unfasten panels quickly and easily without using specialized tools or equipment. They come in a wide variety of styles and mounting options to meet every demand and application.

Camloc 1/4 Turn Panel Fasteners

Jet-Tek is a premiere distributor of Camloc 1/4 turn panel fasteners, and we will help you navigate the many options and select the correct Camloc for your application.

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