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Aircraft Fittings

In 2008 Jet-Tek purchased Eaton Aeroquip’s Burbank CA inventory when Eaton closed its manufacturing facility. With this purhcase of over $28 million of value in aircraft fittings used on both commercial and military applications Jet-Tek made its entrance into the Aerospace Fittings product range.

Since 2008 we have solidified our relationship with manufacturers including Eaton Aeroquip, Fluid Systems, Nelson Aerospace, Airdrome, DMC and Permaswage. Please contact us should you need help with old Stanley Harrison products.

Aerospace Couplings

Jet-Tek distributes the Aeroquip brand quick disconnect, self sealing couplings for military and commercial aerospace applications. These couplings are available ins push-pull, thread together, and modular connection styles with a range of pressure capabilities and multiple end fittings to suit many installations.

Below is a list of our discounted Eaton couplings. Call today and make a deal!

H10204D20 H11007-12 H10203-06 35044VN24 35235VN04
H10338-16 HQ5000V06 35066JV06 35056V12 35212AV10
H10203-06 H102101D16A 35056JV06L 35044V24 35212AV12
H10204D12 H11201-00E16 35044VN20 34024G04 35211AV12
H10282D10 H10021A-001-12 34012VN04 34009-03 35211VN06
H10082-08 H10338D20 34043G10 34043JJ06 35230V08
H10282-16 HQ5000V08 34041G08 34041G05 35211V08
H10282-10 H10203-10 35056GV10 35044VN24 35211AV06
H10238D1612 H10282-12 35056V08 35044V24 35235VN04
H10076-16 H10203-10 34041J08 34043G05 35212BV20
H10021A-001-08 H10282D08 35056GV08L 34043J04 35235V06
HMD10019E10 H10203-06 34009-04 35066GV10 35235VN06
H10203-04 H10338-16 35066JV06 35056GC08 35235V08
H10177-001-0604 H10203-06 34009-04 34043J08 35212V06
H3-03032J08 H10282-10 35056V04 35056GV08 35212BV05
H10011D05 H10007-05 34024G08 34024G06 35212AV12
H10046-05 H10021A-001D06 34043G05 34043J08 35305-106
H10045D0805 H10240-080408 35066GV05 35056V12 35212V08
H10023-080806 H11009-001E12 34043G04 35066VN16 35212BV04
H10006J06 H10023-080406 34041G10 H10338-12 35235V10
H9855E06 H11124A-001E100806 35056GV10L 35211V08 35235VN16
H10007-20 H9856E08 35056GV20 H10338-12 35212VN16
HMD10019E04 H10008-12 35066VN04 H10338D12 35212BV16
H10019-12 H10186-001-1008 35066VN08 35235V04 35235VN16
H10019D12 H10036E06 34011-05 35235V12 35330GVC12
H3-03032J06 H10007-24 35044V20 35235VN10 35235V20
H10006J04 H10282-10 35056V06 35235VG16 36011V12
H3-03032J04 H10338-16 35066V24 35235VN05 35345T32