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HI-LITE™️ METRIC (HSTM™️) fasteners

HI-LITE Metric

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Standard Configuration HI-LITETM Pins*
Selection Guide
Minimum Shear Strength Material Suggested Maximum Temperature (subject to finish) Head Style Nominal size shank 1/64″ oversize shank 1/32″ oversize shank
95 Ksi 6Al-4V Titanium 750º F Protruding Shear HSTM10 HSTM11 HSTM12
100º Reduced Flush Shear HSTM13 HSTM18 HSTM19
Protruding Tension HSTM20 HSTM21 HSTM22
100º Flush MS24694 Tension HSTM23 HSTM32 HSTM35
95 Ksi Alloy Steel 450ºF Protruding Shear HSTM36 HSTM40
100º Reduced Flush Shear HSTM41 HSTM48 HSTM49
Protruding Tension HSTM52 HSTM70 HSTM73
100º Flush MS24694 Tension HSTM75 HSTM77 HSTM79
95 Ksi A-286 Hi-Temperature Alloy 1200ºF Protruding Shear HSTM82 HSTM94 HSTM310
100º Reduced Flush Shear HSTM311 HSTM312 HSTM313
Protruding Tension HSTM370 HSTM373 HSTM612
100º Flush MS24694 Tension HSTM613 HSTM755 HSTM1000
45Ksi 7075 – T6 Aluminum 250ºF Protruding Shear HSTM1070 HSTM1087 HSTM1094
Refer to standards pages for recommended mating collars
Shear strength at room temperature