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• One piece assembly eliminates retaining rings and mating receptacles
• Simply push down and turn 90° to lock or unlock
• Installs blind from one side of panel
• Particularly suited for electronic access panels, lighting fixtures, office equipment and recreational vehicles


Note: Part numbers shown are basic part numbers only. See ordering information for required dash numbers. Slotted Recess Knurled Knob Wing Head Slotted Recess, Long Cross Pin
Material Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
Stud: Steel (Zinc  Plated,  Clear Chromate) Cross  Pin: Steel (Cadmium Plated) Bushing:Zinc (Zinc  Plated,  Clear Chromate)   36S05-[ ]-1AA   36S05-[ ]-3AA   36S05-[ ]-4AA   –
Stud: Steel Cross  Pin: Steel (Cadmium Plated) Bushing : Zinc Stud and Bushing Finish:  Nickel  Plated   –   36S05-[ ]-3AB   –   –
Stud: Steel (Zinc  Plated,  Clear Chromate) Bushing: Zinc (Zinc  Plated,  Clear Chromate) Cross  Pin: Steel (Zinc  Plated)   –   –   –   36S10-3-1AA
V-Notch Type Knurled Knob Knurled Knob Knurled Knob
Material Part  No. Part  No. Part  No. Part  No.
Stud  & Bushing: Zinc  (Zinc  Plated, Clear Chromate) Cross Pin: Steel  (Zinc  Plated, Blue  Chromate)   –   36S01-[ ]-1AA   –   –
Plastic (Black), Steel  Spring 38S01-[ ]-1AB 38S01-[ ]-2AB
Plastic (White), Steel  Spring 38S01-[ ]-1AA 38S01-[ ]-2AA
Stud:  Zinc  (Zinc  Plated, Clear Chromate) Bushing: Zinc  (Zinc  Plated, Blue  Chromate) Cross Pin: Steel  (Zinc  Plated, Blue  Chromate)   36S11-3-1AA   –   –   –

Maximum Service Temperature: 250°F. Plastic versions meet U.L. Specification #94HB


Ultimate tensile strength:
36F Series: 100 lbs., 38F Series: 40 lbs.
Stud grip increment:
36F Series: .050 inches, 38F Series: .180 inches

Panel Preparation and Installation Data


Dimen sio n s Fo r Pan el Prep aratio n


“Top” Panel Frame
A B C Dia. E Min. F G Dia.





































Form through holes in top and frame as shown.
Important Notes: 1) Long axis “A” of top panel hole must be rotated 90° from long axis “F” of frame hole. 2) If close alignment is maintained between top panel and frame mounting holes, top panel dimensions may be used for both.

Installing Stud Assembly
1. Place stud assembly in top panel. Push in and rotate counter clockwise 90°. Stud is now captivated to panel.
2. Close panel so that stud enters frame hole and then push and rotate clockwise 90°. Panel is now locked to

Ordering Information/Stud Dash Number Selection

To Select Stud Dash Number.
1. Determine “G”
Note: Increase “G” to allow for thickness of paint or other finishes and for the compressed thickness of any gasket.
2. Stud dash number varies with stud series This information must be known before proceeding.
3. Locate “G” total thickness in the table below.
4. Then find the corresponding dash number in the column designated for the stud series

Stu d Dash Nu mb er Selectio n
G Total


For 36F Series For 38F Series
.081 -.130 -3  



.131 -.180 -4
.181 -.260

How to Order:

Example 1.
Stud Assembly Used: 36S01-[?]-1AA “G” Total Thickness = .090 inch
Stud Dash Number From Table = -3
Completed Part Number: 36S01-3-1AA

Example 2.
Stud Assembly Used: 38S01-[?]-1AA “G” Total Thickness = .120 inch
Stud Dash Number From Table = -4
Completed Part Number: 38S01-4-1AA

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