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D147HF Series -Floating Nut

Delron Inserts Flush Head with Floating Nut D137HF Series – Thin Panel

D137HF Series inserts are designed specifically for lightweight applica- tions in .300 minimum thick panels. The inserts
provide a flush application with a floating nut element for potential hole misalignments.

Materials and Finishes:

Body: Options listed in Part Number Selection.
Cap: Brass; Cadmium plated, or Aluminum, Anodized at manufacturer’s option.
T-Nut: Options listed in Part Number Selection.


  1. No. T-7 adhesive backed installation tabs are furnished with all
  2. Tolerances, unless otherwise specified: .xxx ± .010; Angles ± 2°.

Table 1

Size PThread Size 9 Installation
1 .1380-32 UNJC-3B .560 – .567
2 .1649-32 UNJC-3B
3 .1900-32 UNJF-3

Part Number Selection

Consult Rosán for availability of optional materials, finishes and sizes.


Typical Assembly

Typical Series D137HF, Floating Nut Insert; installed in honeycomb sandwich panel. Insert is held in place by a cured
epoxy compound.

Note: For general installation informa- tion, refer to page 45. For hole preparation see table above.

Download our Camlock D137HF Series – Thin Panel