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34L Series H-9

Camloc Latches 34L Series


  • Low profile (.290 inches maximum protrusion in locked position) and narrow width (.55 inches max.)
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Secondary lock version available
basic and secondary lock versions

Strength: 125 pounds ultimate; 70 pounds working.

Basic Latch

basic latch

Secondary Lock Version

lock version

strike weld version

Description Material Part No. Weight Per Piece (lbs.)
Basic Latch Steel (Cadmium Plated, Gold Chromate) 34L01-1-1AA .016
Steel (Zinc Plated, Clear Chromate) 34L01-1-1AB .016
Steel (Chromalloy) 34L01-1-1AC .016
Secondary Lock Version Steel (Cadmium Plated, Gold Chromate) 34L01-2-1AA .018
Steel (Zinc Plated, Clear Chromate) 34L01-2-1AB .018
Steel (Chromalloy) 34L01-2-1AC .018
Strike Steel (Cadmium Plated, Gold Chromate) 34L02-1-1AA .007
Steel (Zinc Plated, Clear Chromate) 34L02-1-1AB .007
Steel (Chromalloy) 34L02-1-1AC .007


  • Material: See table above
  • Strength: 125 pounds ultimate; 70 pounds working Operating Action; Over-center
  • Adjustment: Self-compensating spring-steel drawhook
  • Take-up: .150 inches minimum

Panel Preparation and Installation Data

top and side view

  1. Locate and form (4) .103/.097 Dia. holes
    Note: Adjust distance between holes (.93 typical) to obtain desired lock-up load.
  2. Attach with 3/32 diameter rivets (not supplied).