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69L Series Features H-24

Camloc Latches 69L Series


  • Adjustable threaded drawhook.
  • Low Profile.
  • High strength to weight ratio.
  • Available with base permanently assembled by factory or loose for assembly at user’s convenience.
  • Under-center toggle geometry insures positive lock-up even with latch and strike mounted on different planes.
69L latches

Strength: 300 pounds ultimate; 200 pounds working.

Basic Configuration
Steel base, mechanical attachment illustrated.


Alternate Bases
See Table below for ordering information.

steel and aluminum bases


Latch Description Material Latch Part No.
(Includes Base)
Weight Per Piece (lbs.) A REF.
Assembled Unassembled¹
With Steel Base/Mechanical Attachment Steel (Cadmium Plated) Except Weld-on base supplied unfinished (Oil Coated) 69L33-1-1AA 0.06 2.36
With Steel Base/Weld-on 69L38-1-1AA 69L37-1-1AA 0.07 2.43
With Aluminum Base/Mechanical Attachment Steel (Cadmium Plated); Base: Aluminum (Unfinished) 69L38-1-3BA 69L37-1-3BA 0.06 2.10
With Aluminum Base/Weld-on 69L38-1-2BA 69L37-1-2BA 2.36
With Aluminum Base/Mechanical Attachment Steel (Zinc Plated); Base: Aluminum (Unfinished) 69L38-1-3BC 2.10


  1. Unassembled latches allow the base to be installed first with the balance of the latch (supplied fully assembled) to be joined at some future time. Unassembled latches are supplied with a cotter pin pivot in lieu of the permanent solid pivot supplied on factory assembled parts.