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96L Series H-11

Camloc Latches 96L Series

96L Series

Strength: 150 pounds ultimate; 100 pounds working.

96L camloc latchSpecifications

Material: See tables above.
Strength: 95L: 100 pounds ultimate; 50 pounds working.
96L: 150 pounds ultimate; 100 pounds working.

Material Handle Finish¹ Standard Latch Part No.²
Steel Cadmium Plated, Clear Chromate 96L01-1-1AB
Steel Chromium Plated 96L01-1-1AG
Steel Bright Nickel Plated 96L01-1-1AJ

Weight Per Piece (lbs.): .056
1. All other latch parts are cadmium plated with clear chromate.
2. 96L standard latch is supplied with helically coiled spring elements.



Material Strike Part No.
Steel (Cadmium Plated, Clear Chromate) 96H01-1-1AB

Weight Per Piece (lbs.): .005

Operating Action: Over-Center.
Adjustment: Self-compensating spring elements(s).
Take-up: 1.00 inches minimum.

Panel Preparation and Installation Data

95L Series

Latch Series Strike Series A Dia. Rivet Dia. B TYP. Approximate Clamping Load
95L01 95H01 .103
3/32 .530 18 Pounds
.590 26 Pounds
95L07 95H07 .134
1/8 .580 N/A
96L01 96H01 .103
3/32 1.000 20 Pounds
1.060 30 Pounds

96L Series

  1. Locate and form four “A” Diameter holes.
    Note: “B” typical will obtain approximate clamping loads as indicated in table.
  2. Attach with rivets (size listed in table).