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Pawl Latches H-43

Camloc Pawl Latches

Camloc Pawl latches are designed to secure hinged panels. They have a rotatable actuator on which a radially projecting pawl is connected. The shaft is mounted through the panel, and the pawl engages the frame member.

Two pawl styles are available: wire-form, that is pre-set (use adjustment nut if available) for a desired

Typical Wire-Form Pawl Latch

Typical Wire-Form Pawl Latch

clamping force, and solid arm type with a continuously adjustable pawl, which moves axially when the shaft is rotated.

Camloc Pawl latches are easy to install and accommodate a large grip range. They provide an easy way to specify a reliable, low installed cost door latch to a product.

Typical Solid Arm Pawl Latch

Typical Solid Arm Pawl Latch

Solid arm pawl latches can apply higher compression loads for use with gaskets or when tight lock-down of panel to frame is required.

Typical Actuator Styles

actuator styles

Latches are shown actual size. Illustrations are typical only, and size may vary by part numbers.

65L, 106L, 122/123L series latches


Series Number Page Number Specifications Actuator Styles Installation Method
Grip (inches) Pawl Type Locking Rotation Tool Operated Hand Operated Mechanical Mounting Version Weld-on Mounting Version Single Hole Mounting Version
64L H-44 – H-45 .600 MAX Wire Clockwise
65L H-46 – H-47 .740 MAX Solid Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise
106L H-48 – H-51 .370 MAX Wire Clockwise
122L/123L H-52 – H-55 Solid Clockwise

• = Illustrated in catalog.