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Tridair Keenserts Inserts and Studs

Features and Benefits of Tridair KEENSERTS® Inserts

  • Designed and manufactured by a well-known and respected manufacturer of thread
    repair parts. Supplier to OEMs, industrial maintenance, military, and all phases
    of the aftermarket.
  • No need to doubt its performance . . . regardless of application.
  • Solid bushing with locking kees.
  • Positive mechanical lock against rotation.
  • May be used in virtually any material . . . aluminum, magnesium, cast iron, cold rolled
    steel and plastic.
  • No restrictions on parent material.
  • High strength and reliability.
  • Provides maximum pullout strength- -breaks grade 8 bolt.
  • No special skill required to use KEENSERTS Inserts.
  • Installation procedures can be learned in minutes.
  • Hole preparation with standard drill and tap.
  • No special, costly, single-purpose drills or taps required.
  • Inserted with fingers.
  • No special prewinder tools required.
  • Impossible to cross-thread during installation.
  • Perfect installation every time.
  • Can be removed very simply when necessary.
  • Permanently installed unless removal is required.
  • Prepared hole not affected when insert is removed.
  • New insert can be installed in same hole.
  • No tang to break off after installation.
  • No need to worry about metal piece falling into prepared hole.
  • Available in inch and metric sizes.
  • One line for all types of threads.
  • Available in Thinwall (10-24 through 1/2-20 I.D.) and Heavy Duty (8-32 through 1 3/4-12 I.D.).
  • Special sizes quoted on request.
  • Also available in stainless.
  • One line for all applications.
  • Available for spark plug applications.
  • Designed for both tapered and straight seats.

Once you try Tridair KEENSERTS Inserts, you’ll never go back to any other insert!