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30L Series

Camloc Latches 30L Series


  • Low profile (.274 inches maximum protrusion in locked position)
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Versions available with self-lifting drawhook
basic and drawhook versions

Strength: 150 pounds ultimate; 80 pounds working.

Basic Latch

basic latch

Self Lifting Drawhook Version

A lift spring is concealed under the drawhook. When the latch is opened, drawhook will automatically lift to an included angle of about 80° relative to the lift lever.

strike weld version

Description Part No. Mounting Type A REF. Weight Per Piece (lbs.)
Basic Latch 30L1-3 Weld 1.89 0.18
30L1-4 Rivet 1.58
Drawhook Version Self-Lifting 30L20-1AA Weld 1.89 0.18
30L20-2AA Rivet 1.58
Strike 30L2-3 Weld .003
30L2-4 Rivet .003


  • Material: Strike and latch base, aluminum (no finish); other components steel (cadmium plated)
  • Strength: 150 pounds ultimate; 80 pounds working Operating Action; Over-center
  • Adjustment: Self-compensating spring-steel drawhook
  • Take-up: .155 inches minimum

Panel Preparation and Installation Data

Mechanical Attachment

mech attachment

  1. Locate and form 4 holes
    .103/.097 Dia.
  2. Attach with 3/32 Dia. rivets
    (not supplied)
  3. Mounting surface of strike
    must be offset .070 ± .010
    inch from mounting surface
    of latch as shown at left.
    (Required to insure over
    center lock up function
    of latch.)

Weld Attachment

weld attachment

  1. Locate latch and strike as required and weld in place
  2. Mounting instructions (see Note 3, Mechanical Attachment)
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