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51L Series H-20

Camloc Latches 51L Series


  • Adjustable threaded drawhook
  • Under-center toggle geometry insures positive lock-up even with latch and strike mounted on different planes.
  • Numerous styles to choose from
51L tension latches


Strength: 500 pounds ultimate; 350 pounds working.


Hasp Version (for use with pad-lock)

hasp version

Low Profile Version

low profile version

Extended Drawhook Version

drawhook version

Special Profile Version (Drawhook designed to grip wide flanges)

special profile version


Description Material Part No. B Dia. Weight Per Piece (lbs.)
Hasp Type Steel (Cadmium Plated, Gold Chromate) 51L38-1-1AA .134/.128 0.12
Handle: Steel (Chromium Plated) Other: Steel (Cadmium Plated, Clear Chromate) 51L38-1-1AC
Low Profile Steel (Cadmium Plated) 51L83-1-1AA .134/.129 0.12
51L38-1H1AA* 0.12
Extended Drawhook Handle and Base: Steel (Chromium Plated); Other: Steel (Cadmium Plated, Clear Chromate) 51L37-1-1AB .148/.140 0.12
Special Profile Stainless Steel (Passivated) 51L89-1-1AA .174/.166 0.13


*P/N 51L83-1H1AA supplied with safety wire hole.