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37L Series Specs H-31

Camloc Latches 37L Series Specs

37L33 Series

Secondary Lock Version
Strength: 4500 pounds ultimate; 3000 pounds working.

37L22 Series

Two-Position Drawbolt, Short Length
(Two installation positions allow drawbolt to be assembled for maximum take-up or for maximum leverage.)

Strength: 4500 pounds ultimate; 3000 pounds working.


Description Material Part No. Shipping Condition Mounting Method Antirotation Device Weight Per Piece (lbs.)
Base Other Components
Secondary Lock Steel (Cadmium Plated) Steel (Cadmium Plated) 37L33-1-1AA Unassembled Rivet None 0.42
Steel (No Finish) 37L33-1-1AB
37L33-1-4AB Assembled
37L33-4-1AB Unassembled 0.41
Short Drawbolt, Two-Position Installation Steel (Cadmium Plated, Olive Drab) 37L22-1-1AC Weld Set Screw With Nylon Plug 0.46
37L22-2-1AD Rivet 0.45

Specifications: (For all 37L Series Latches)

Material: See tables.
Strength: See illustrations.
Operating Action: Over-center.
Adjustment: Threaded drawbolt: .620 inches maximum.
Take-up: Up to 2.00 inches.