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20L Series H-16

Camloc Latches 20L Series


  • Simple rugged design.
  • Can be used with or without a strike.
  • High lift tab available for easy opening.
  • Wide variety of bases and drawhooks.
  • Optional lift spring.

20L series camloc latch

Strength: 200 pounds ultimate; 100 pounds working.

Regular Base

regular base latch

Description Material Part No. Weight Per Piece (lbs.)
Regular Base Steel (Zinc Plated) 20L01-1-1AA 0.12
Steel (Chrome Plated) 20L01-1-1AC
Lift Spring Installed Steel (Chrome Plated) 20L06-1-2AB 0.13
Regular Base with High Lift Tab Steel (Zinc Plated) 20L28-1-1AA 0.11
Steel (Zinc Plated except oil coated base) 20L28-1-1AB
Steel (Chrome Plated) 20L28-1-1AC