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29L Series H-19

Camloc Latches 29L Series


  • Simple rugged design
  • Adjustable or Weld-on Base
  • Long handle for easy opening
  • Larger Scale than 20L Series for proportional considerations
29L tension latches


Strength: 250 pounds ultimate; 150 pounds working.

29L top and side views


Description Material Part No. Weight Per Piece (lbs.)
Adjustable Base Steel (Zinc Plated) 29L01-1-1AA 0.23
Weld-on Base Supplied with Weld Nibs Drawhook: Steel (Zinc Plated) Base: Steel (Oil Coated) 29L01-2-1AB 0.24

Panel Preparation and Installation Data

top and side view


Material: See table.
Strength: 250 pounds ultimate; 150 pounds working.
Operating Action: Over-Center.
Adjustment: Self-compensating spring-steel drawhook. (29L01-1-1AA also has slotted base.)
Take-up: .500 inches minimum.

Mechanical Attachment

    1. Locate and form two .25 Dia. (Ref.) holes


    Adjust 2.04 dimension to obtain desired clamping load. Reference dimension typically allows latch to lock up with no clamping load applied.

  1. Attach with 1/4 inch bolts or rivets (not supplied).

Weld Attachment

Locate latch (see note above) and spot weld in place.