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Installation Manual.

Hi-Tigue / Hi-Lok Installation Manual

Installation Manual Overview

  1. General Description
  2. Selecting the Fastener Assembly
  3. Matching Collar Materials to Pin Head Styles
  4. Selecting the Pin Grip Length
  5. Selecting the Pin Diameter
  6. Selecting the Collar
  7. Hole Preparation
  8. Tooling
    1. Standard Power Drivers
    2. Automatic Collar-Feed Drivers
    3. Hand Tools
  9. Fastener Installation
    1. Installation Steps (Non-Interference Fit Holes)
    2. Installation Steps (Interference Fit Holes)
  10. Inspection After Installation
  11. Removal of Installed Fastener
    1. Common Tools
    2. Hi-Tigue / Hi-Lok Collar Removal Tools
    3. Hi-Lok Collar Removal Tool
    4. Collar Removal Drivers

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