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Electronic Equipment H-3

Electronic Equipment

For modems to black boxes…from office equipment to avionics.

camloc series 2119L Series. Hand installed; requires only finger operation to open 106L Series. Self adjusting pawl compensates for tolerances and gasket wear. Tool or hand actuator. 118L Series. 60째 turn to open; slam to close. No strike required. 122L/123L Series. Fully assembled miniature pawl latch in snap-in and panel nut versions provide adjustment to compress RFl gaskets. 104L Series. Flush latch with hand or tool operation; 1/4-turn to open, slam to close. No strike required.

Chassis Latches

Provide mechanical advantage to engage and disengage drawer from pin connectors. Also function as carrying handles. Ideal for compressing RFl/EMl shields as well, or securing chassis equipment agains thigh tension and shear loads.

typical applications 2 military / aerospace electronics