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69L Series Strikes H-25

Camloc Latches 69L Series


Regular and Wide Base


Description Material Part No. Mounting Method Weight Per Piece (lbs.)
Regular Base Aluminum (Unfinished) 69L19-1-1AA Mechanical 0.003
69L19-2-1AA Weld-on 0.004
Wide Base Steel (Unfinished, Oil Coated) 69L2-1-1AA Weld-on 0.005

Panel Preparation and Installation Data

69L19-1-1AA strike installed

Latch Part No. A TYPICAL
69L19 Strike Installed 69L2 Strike Installed
69L33-1-1AA 1.21 1.24
69L37-1-1AA 1.23 1.26
69L37-1-2BA 1.27 1.24
69L37-1-3BA 1.24 1.27
69L38-1-1AA 1.23 1.26
69L38-1-2BA 1.27 1.24
69L38-1-3BA 1.24 1.27
69L38-1-3BC 1.24 1.27


Material: See tables.
Strength: 300 pounds ultimate; 200 pounds working.
Operating Action: Under-Center.
Adjustment: Threaded drawhook: up to .200 inches.
Take-up: .400 inches minimum.

69L2-1-1AA strike installed

Mechanical Attachment

  1. Locate and form 4 holes .103/.097 Dia.
  2. Attach latch and strike with 3/32 diameter rivets.

Weld Attachment

Locate latch and strike on center and weld in place.