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51L Series Specs H-21

Camloc Latches 51L Series

Basic Latch

51L basic latch

Secondary Lock Version

secondary lock version 51L


Material¹ Basic Latch Secondary Lock Version
Part No. Mounting Method B Dia. Weight Per Piece (lbs.) Part No. Mounting Method B Dia. Weight Per Piece (lbs.) A Dim.
Steel (Cadmium Plated, Gold Chromate) 51L1-1-1AA Mechanical .148
0.11 51L1-1X1AA Mechanical .148
0.12 1.02
51L1-1H1AA² 51L1-1X3AA .134
51L1-1-4AA .162
51L1-1X4AA .162
51L1-1XH2AA² Weld N/A
Handle and Base: Steel (Chromium Plated); Other: Steel (Cadmium Plated) 51L1-1-1AB .148
51L1-1X1AB Mechanical .148
51L1-1-4AB .162
51L1-1X4AB .162
Base: Steel (Zinc Plated); Other: Steel (Cadmium Plated) 51L1-1-2AC Weld N/A 51L1-1X2AC Weld N/A
Steel (Phosphate Coated) 51L1-1-3AG Mechanical .134
51L1-1X3AG³ Mechanical .134
Stainess Steel (Passivated) 51L1-1-1BF .148
51L1-1X1BF⁴ .148
51L1-1-4BF .162
51L1-1X4BF⁴ .162
51L1-1-2BF Weld N/A 51L1-1X2BF⁴ Weld N/A
51L120-1X1AA⁵ Mechanical .148
Steel (Cadmium, Gold Chromate) Base: Aluminum 51L5-1-1AA Mechanical .148
0.10 51L5-1X1AA Mechanical .148
0.11 1.14
51L5-1-2AA Weld N/A 51L5-1X2AA Weld N/A



  1. Unless otherwise specified, secondary lock versions are supplied with a Zinc Die Cast catch.
  2. P/N’s 51L1-1H1AA and 51L1-1XH2AA are supplied with safety wire hole.
  3. P/N 51L1-1X3AG, secondary lock version, supplied with Cadmium Plated, Clear Chromate catch.
  4. P/N’s 51L1-1X1BF, -1X4BF, -1X2BF, secondary lock versions, supplied with Chromium Plated catch.
  5. P/N’s 51L120-1X1AA and -1X2AA are supplied with a formed stainless steel sheet metal catch.


Material: See table.
Strength: 500 pounds ultimate; 350 pounds working.
Operating Action: Under-Center.
Adjustment: Threaded drawhook: up to .300 inches.
Take-up: .500 inches minimum.