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51L Installation Data H-23

Camloc Latches 51L Series

Panel Preparation and Installation Data

51L series
51L7, 51L8, 51L9 Strike

Reverse Base Installation

reverse base

Mechanical Attachment

  1. Locate and form holes for latch and strike.
    Important Note: Please refer to the above illustrations showing correct hole size and location. Note which strike is to be installed and if the latch has a reverse base.
  2. Attach latch and strike with boils or rivets (not supplied).

Weld Attachment

Locate latch and strike as required and weld in place.


Part No. Series Dimensions
A Ref. B Dia. Ref. C Ref. D Ref. 51L7 or 51L8
Strike Selected
Strike Selected
E Typ. E Typ.
51L1 .562 Note 1 N/A N/A 1.670 1.290
51L3 1.170 1.040
51L5 .144 1.670 1.290
51L37 2.926 2.550
51L38 .131 1.670 1.290
51L83 .460 .230 .280 2.230 1.850
51L89 .562 .144 N/A N/A 3.230 2.850
51L109 Note 1 1.170 1.040
51L120 .144 1.670 1.290


  1. See applicable table and part number for “B” Diameter.
  2. Weld-on versions supplied without holes.
  3. 2 holes .144 diameter ref. (2 holes .131 diameter ref. for P/N 51L7-3AG only).