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46L/49L Installation H-39

Camloc Tension Latches 46L / 49L Series

Panel Preparation and Installation Data

mechanical/weld attachments


Latch Style Part No. Mating Strike Part No. A Typical A¹ Typical B REF. Recommended
Bolt or Rivet Dia.
Latch Strike
Steel Base Version 46L14-1AA 46L20-1AA 4.262 Weld Weld
46L14-3AA 5.198 .870 1/4
Aluminum Base Version 46L23-1AA 46L20-1BB 3.808 Weld
Aluminum Reverse Base Version 46L26-1AA 2.990
Aluminum Reverse Base Version
With Locking Detent
Smooth Handle Version 49L01-1AA 18L13-1-1AA 5.260 1.000 1/4 No. 10 Bolt or 3/16 Rivet


Mechanical Attachment

  1. Locate and form holes (see table and illustration).
  2. Attach with correct size bolts or rivets (see table, not supplied).

Weld Attachment

  1. Locate latch and strike as required and weld in place.