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37L Series H-30

Camloc Latches 37L Series


  • Rugged design.
  • Excellent tensile load carrying capacity.
  • Handle design permits storage of drawbolt within handle when in the open position.
  • Variety of sizes and styles to choose from.
  • Secondary lock available.
Hand and Tool operated Versions

37L52 Series

Tool Operated Version
Strength: Steel base: 4500 pounds ultimate; 3000 pounds working.
Aluminum base: 2000 pounds ultimate; 1500 pounds working.

Steel Base

Aluminum Base


Description Material Part No. Shipping Condition Mounting Method A REF. Weight Per Piece (lbs.)
Base Other Components
Tool Operated Steel (No Finish) Steel (Cadmium Plated, Gold Chromate) 37L52-1-1AA Assembled Weld 0.81 0.49
37L52-1-2AA Unassembled
Aluminum (No Finish) 37L52-1-2BB 0.45
37L52-2-2BB 1.25

Note: Use standard cross slot No. 2 blade screwdriver or equivalent as operating tool (not supplied). To open, insert tool as shown and lift to raise handle and unlock latch.