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119L Installation H-65

119L Series – Camloc Panel Latches

Panel Preparation and Installation Data

Panel Preparation

Panel Preparation

Assembly (unassembled version only)

unassembled version


Panel Installation

Panel Installation


  1. Hold latch together in one hand.
  2. Insert tail end of lever through lower end of hole in panel.
  3. Push the top end of the lever into upper end of hole and press.
  4. Snap cage into position by pushing upward.

Spacers for Small Panel Thicknesses

When a spacer is required, place it behind panel with holes in alignment before inserting latch. The installed latch will secure the spacer in position.

Panel Thickness Spacer Part No.
.031 – .062 119L08-2-1AA
.063 – .093 119L08-1-1AA
.094 – .125 None Required