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Obsolete Aircraft Hardware

Jet-Tek is an independent aircraft hardware distributor. We are the top aircraft hardware supplier in the US, with our aircraft hardware stock coming from manufacturers like: Alcoa Fastening Systems, SPS Technologies, SouthCo, Rosan, Republic Fastener, Monadnock, Kaynar, Fairchild Camloc, Fairchild Rosan, Cherry, Cinch, Duetsch, and others.

Aircraft Hardware

With over 30 years of combined experience in the aircraft hardware distribution industry, and as the top aircraft hardware distributor, we have the expertise and resources to locate and deliver any type of aircraft hardware, no matter how hard to find, to any location in the world. In addition to stocking millions of parts in our on-site warehouse, we maintain a vast network of domestic and international suppliers and OEM excess inventories that enables us to fulfill most orders the same day.

Many aircraft weapons systems, built to have a long life, become inoperable after time. Fast advances in aerospace technologies and the gradual erosion of the manufacturing base for aircraft hardware in the US, has caused a problem of obsolescence of aircraft hardware.

The military is presently depending on weapons systems designed in the 1970s and 1980s to serve well into the new century. The Army and Air Force expect their systems and vehicles to be used until 2030, and 2040, respectively. However, the manufacturing capabilities for aircraft hardware are continually focused on new, higher profit systems, leaving no capacity for the remanufacture of obsolete aircraft hardware.

The use of aircraft hardware originally was driven by the need to deliver reliable weapon systems when they were new. The typical 10 – 20 year life cycle of these systems were the same as the systems in which they were installed. However, as the military is relying on these systems much longer, the availability of many components may become scarce, or become obsolete aircraft hardware.

The solution to this problem of lack of supply for aircraft hardware is an ongoing partnership between the government and obsolete aircraft distributors. Jet-Tek is dedicated to being the top aircraft hardware sourcing solution for aircraft products. We are an independent, aircraft hardware distributor of hard to find and obsolete aircraft hardware. Through our vast network of OEM’s, CM’s and distributors throughout the world, over 6500 in all, we are able to supply the aircraft hardware that most franchise distributors can’t. We have the experience – over 30 years, combined; expertise – specialized knowledge of aircraft hardware; and the aircraft hardware sourcing network to supply your needs on an ongoing basis.

Jet-Tek has a vast, on-site inventory of Aircraft Hardware

Our database is comprised of over 15 million aircraft components, including aircraft hardware, that can be delivered in 1 – 10 days depending on the location of the product. All aircraft hardware sold by Jet-Teks, Inc. have to pass a quality assurance process at our facility in Florida. As a top aircraft hardware supplier, we use multiple levels of testing to meet all of your product screening specifications. If you are looking for hard to find and military hardware, you have found your obsolete mil-spec sourcing partner.

Our vast on-site stock of military hardware includes:

  • Aircraft Fasteners
  • Aircraft Fittings
  • Aircraft Bolts
  • Aircraft Nuts
  • Aircraft Anchor Nuts
  • Aircraft Pins
  • Aircraft Switches
  • Aircraft Connectors
  • Aircraft Spacers

Contact Jet-Tek  – Knowledgeable, Accurate, FAST!

When you have a mission – critical piece of equipment that is down, finding the replacement aircraft hardware While another obsolete aircraft hardware supplier may be slow to respond to your price request, Jet-Tek responds to your RFQ promptly. Your will be contacted by one of our account reps, who has expert training and knowledge of aircraft hardware. With Jet-Tek as your aircraft hardware sourcing partner, you will have the peace of mind that your aircraft hardware will be delivered when promised, and in good condition. We have a successful track record of building successful customer relationships.
As a top aircraft hardware distributor, we understand our customers’ needs. We have spent years developing our network of relationships, inventory sources, and customer service systems, so that you receive the aircraft hardware you are looking for, at the best possible price, shipped as quickly as possible. We have access to all possible sources for your aircraft hardware, as a top military hardware supplier, and can call on this network to supply your needs on an expedited basis.