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Aerospace Fasteners Can Be Quality and Not Overpriced

Not all quality aerospace fasteners have to be expensive. Click here to learn how we deliver quality parts at prices you can afford
Back in 1989, a Norwegian flight crashed leaving no survivors. After an investigation into the crash, officials said that the use of fake parts was to blame.

50 passengers and 5 crew members died, making it the worst commercial accident for a Norwegian-owned Airline. It was the worst crash in Denmark.

On June 8th, 1999, the president of the United States enacted the Fastener Quality Act. This act clearly explained the expectations of quality for fasteners and the industry.

It also punished businesses that used or purchased fake or previously used fasteners. This act has likely helped save lives and improved the market creating safer travel opportunities for many.

Since then technology has improved, but the fact remains that investing in quality parts keeps you on the right side of safe.

Finding Quality in an Expensive Market

Aerospace fasteners are the unsung heroes of aircraft engineering. They keep the equipment and parts in place — holding firm and locked in.

Within the past five years, aerospace manufacturers have been accused of selling fraudulent parts. It’s more and more important to find a reliable and affordable business.

But there are retailers that track their parts throughout the manufacturing process. Knowing where the parts and materials come from is a big consumer benefit.

Quality fasteners shouldn’t have to be expensive. There is a space in the market for a more affordable custom alternative fastener supplier.

By 2024, the global market for aerospace fasteners is projected to grow into a $7.5 billion dollar industry.

This rise is due to improvements to commercial airlines and a greater demand for military airplanes.

Methods to Lower the Price

Not all aerospace fasteners manufacturers are keeping up with the advances coming out. Instead, they continue to produce the same expensive material they always have.

There’s no excuse, especially with advancements like the Visu-Lok fastener.

The Visu-Lok takes the conventional nut-and-bolt system and improves upon it. This fastener can be installed and verified from a single side of the structure.

There have also been improvements in areas like Titanium and super-alloy materials. While less expensive, these products can handle the heat and exposure of almost any situation.

These products can compete with stainless steel on the market.

There have been extensive studies comparing the ductility of titanium compared to stainless steel. And the two have been found to perform equally in a range of tests.

But titanium is more affordable and becoming more popular across the market.

Quality, Affordability, and Dependable

Finding an option that meets quality and affordability is the cornerstone of good business. Each order of fasteners should be customized per the needs of any customer.

Every customer needs to be vigilant in finding reliable businesses. These businesses should assure the authenticity of the products they sell.

Choosing an option wisely will leave more money in your wallet and less stress on your shoulders.

Aerospace engineers looking for reliable aerospace fasteners should start by requesting a quote.