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Coatings for Industry, Inc., (CFI) has been awarded a U.S. patent for its Alseal 5K coating, a non-toxic, environmentally-responsible heat- and corrosion-resistant coating for jet turbine components. An alternative to coatings containing hexavalent chromium, Alseal 5K is the first coating of its kind to be specified by an aviation OEM.

“CFI has been hard at work proving 5K’s durability for use in turbomachinery for over a decade,” said Bruce McMordie, Director of Alseal Operations at CFI. “We believe this safe, compliant alternative to chromium-based coatings is a game changer for the aviation industry.”

For decades, the industry has used heat-cured slurry coatings made with chromium trioxide to protect jet engine components from heat and corrosion. The hexavalent chromium (Cr+6) they contain is widely known to be highly toxic and carcinogenic, so the coatings demand strict compliance with U.S OSHA and Europe’s new REACH regulations, and must be handled with extreme care.

CFI developed the now-patented Alseal 5K coating (U.S. Patent No. 9,739,169) in its labs to significantly improve worker and environmental safety while matching durability and performance of systems containing Cr+6. “Alseal 5K eliminates the hazards associated with hexavalent chromium in aluminum-ceramic coatings,” added McMordie.

Most importantly, Alseal 5K has proven to work. This heat-cured slurry coating can protect compressors, shafts, and other components of jet engines. Alseal 5K is specified by and is in use on Pratt & Whitney Aircraft for use on their engines. Other manufacturers are in process of evaluating the coating. Contact: Chris Thiede Media Liaison 919 228-9259

“CFI is committed to both worker safety and industry leadership in durable coatings for turbomachinery. Receiving the patent for Alseal 5K is a reflection of that commitment,” said McMordie. “Proving such a coating’s effectiveness is a lengthy process, but it’s been worth it in order to offer the aerospace industry a safe, Cr-Free alternative.”

About Coatings for Industry
Coatings for Industry, Inc. (CFI) has been formulating coatings for industrial, commercial, and aerospace applications for nearly 50 years. Reflecting a commitment to quality and innovation, the company maintains an R&D staff of chemists and metallurgists, and produces products under an ISO- 9001 certified QMS. CFI’s family of coatings is trademarked under the names ALSEAL, Siloxseal, and WearCOAT. For more information about CFI, visit