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Airbus, a leading international designer and manufacturer of aerospace products and services, recently purchased a controlling interest in Bombardier C Series program.

Why does this matter?

Airbus is in competition with some of the largest manufacturers throughout the world. By acquiring a controlling interest there is opportunity for the company to require Bombardier to allow Airbus-qualified interchangeable parts for the C Series program. Thus, they would be making maintenance and repair solutions more widely available, further establishing themselves within the market.

The Effect on Bombardier Aircraft Hardware Distributors

This move not only puts pressure on competitors, but it also opens the market to provide large boosts in business for Airbus and Airbus-qualified repair stations if Bombardier C Series program repair manuals start to include Airbus alternatives. This could have implications for aviation professionals that perform sub-assembly work for the Bombardier C Series aircraft.

Jet-Tek has long-standing relationships with Airbus Production, Airbus MRO stations and Bombardier. We will remain a qualified Airbus hardware distributor committed to large diameter Airbus p/ns. For information on what we are able to provide, including Bombardier proprietary part numbers, please contact our team.