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Quality Differentiates Jet-Tek

Your trusted aerospace supplier committed to quality assurance and counterfeit prevention

3rd Party Accreditations

Jet-Tek is accredited to the most current and stringent quality standards of American and International agencies.  Jet-Tek are active members of governmental and trade groups focused on quality assurance.

Inspection Process

Every item received from manufacturers and suppliers follows a regimented quality inspection process ensuring authenticity of parts.

Counterfeit Avoidance Program

The aerospace and defense industries depend on fully functioning parts and equipment. Jet-Tek protects the integrity of the aerospace hardware and defense hardware supply chain by implementing avoidance, detection, mitigation, and disposition practices. Counterfeit Avoidance begins with supplier selection and continues with incoming inspection including photographic evidence, dimensional inspections, through traceability review conducted in house and concludes with proper bin management outgoing quality review.

All parts supplied by Jet-Tek are fully traceable & are covered by our approved Certificate of Conformity. Manufacturers Certificates & full Test Reports can also be supplied on request.

Metallurgical Lab

In addition to performing dimensional and visual inspections and making sure each part meets the latest revisions, Jet-Tek employs a full chemical and physical laboratory to perform functional and destructive tests. We have the capability to break parts down and put them under the microscope to examine their structural integrity and search for any discontinuities. If a defect is discovered, the entire lot is rejected and returned to the manufacturer immediately.

Quality Assurance

  • We employ trained inspectors and supervisors.
  • All incoming material is thoroughly examined.
  • Inspectors measure and compare actual samples to a database of more than 30,000 drawings and spec sheets, which are continually updated.
  • Manufacturers’ certifications and test reports are stored electronically and are available upon request.
  • We continually update our Counterfeit Avoid Program
  • Member of GIDEP