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Fairchild Fasteners

Since 1936 Fairchild Fasteners remains focused as a premier aerospace fasteners manufacturer. In 1999, Fairchild
Fasteners acquiredKaynar Technologies Inc. (KTI), a major national market leader and supplier of a diversified line of aerospace, automotive and industrial fasteners, components and tools. KTI was comprised of Kaynar Manufacturing, Microdot and K-FAST Assembly Tool Systems. Kaynar Fasteners continue to be manufactured today under the Fairchild Fasteners brand. Structural Panel Fasteners are the most common Fairchild fasteners.
Tridair Fairchild Structural Panel Fastenersare designed to provide high strength resistance, and exceptionally high cycle life. There are five primary structural panel fastening systems that are offered by Fairchild Fasteners including the Mark IV™, Live Lock™, Milson®,TriMil™,and QR™ Series.Each design offers a unique set of features to support the broadest range of
customer applications.

Ultimate reliability in high-performance aircraft is achieved with the Mark IV™
structural panel fastener. Quick operation is assured through multiple lead threads and exceptionally high reusability
is achieved with the Flat Beam™ locking feature that provides a 1,500 seated life cycle. A lightweight titanium version
combines a 40% weight savings with equivalent mechanical performance.

High strength, quick operation, an encapsulated receptacle and an
exceptionally high life cycle make Fairchild Fasteners LiveLockstructural
panel fasteners the optimal choice for high performance aircraft and electronic applications. The spring loaded
ratchet design ensures positive locking action and vibration resistance without relying on prevailing torque.
Additionally, the Fairchlild Fasteners LiveLock™ panel
fastener’s multiple lead thread permits rapid installation and removal.

Fairchild Fasteners supplies a wide variety of Tridair captive screws for any type of application where
it is important that the attachment screw for a panel stays with that panel. Numerous head styles, recesses, sizes,
configurations, and materials offer options that fulfill the requirements of any captive screw application.
Fully-retracting Kaynar captive screws automatically retract flush with the panel when
released from mating threads, which allows equipment to be removed or installed without the possibility of jamming or
damage. The advantages of using Kaynar captivescrews include the prevention of loss,
reduced inventory and improved speed of assembly and disassembly. They also enhance product safety by reducing the
potential for loose hardware in moving parts.

Fairchild Turn
-Loc® captive screws are especially suited for front panel applications where easy fingertip operation is needed. They are available as fully or partially retracting versions in fixed or floating installations. Kaynar Turn-Loc® fasteners are also available in low and high profile assemblies.

Turn-Loc® captive screws are spring loaded and available as fully or partially retracting versions in fixed or floating installations. The attractive stainless or anodized aluminum finish makes them especially suitable for front panel applications and the knurled knob permits easy fingertip operation. Turn-Loc® fasteners are available in low and high profile assemblies.
Combining structural soundness and accessibility, Milson® structural panel fasteners are in use on many aerospace applications. TheMilson® system is one of the only structural panel fasteners that feature variable length sleevebolts and receptacles, allowing single “dash number” sleevebolts or receptacles to be used on a given structure.

The TriMilfastening system eliminates problems associated with the selflocking or prevailing torque feature of other similar fasteners. In addition, its positively-locked retaining ring secures the sleevebolt to the cover when it is opened, eliminating the potential for FOD and ensuring reliable operation. Consequently, class=”SpellE”>TriMil™ fasteners help avoid maintenance problems and aircraft safety concerns.