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Tension Latches H-5

Camloc Tension Latches


typical threaded drawhookMany latches are provided with threaded drawhooks. Adjustment of drawhooks’ relative position to the strike is made by rotating the drawhook.

drawhookSelf-compensating spring-steel drawhooks provide limited self-adjustment.

slotted mounting

Strength: Ultimate and Working.

Ultimate strength is the load in pounds at which the latch’s function is permanently impaired. Working strength is the maximum load in pounds which can be repeatedly applied without impaired function.

Special Purpose Bases:

Many special purposes are available.

adjustable radiused and reversed

  • Mechanical or Weld Mounting Base Versions. Base versions available for mechanical (rivet or bolt)mounting or weld (spot or conventional) mounting.

low profile version

Special Purpose Drawhooks:

Many special drawhook versions are available including, narrow or wide width for space consideration.

  • Extended and Special Profile Versions for Gripping Wide Flanges or Spanning Raised Joints.

engage flange

  • Drawhooks with Lift-Spring – Drawhook automatically springs away from strike when disengaged and keeps in upright position while unlocked.

drawhook raised

  • Reverse Offset Drawhooks.

reverse offset

Secondary Lock Versions:

Secondary lock provides added security against accidental opening due to vibration, shock or other influences. Many secondary lock versions available.

  • Some Secondary Lock Styles.

hasp version