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Custom Latches H-13

Custom Camloc Latches

Typical Custom Latches

Custom fastener rides in new autos
(Camloc article excerts as appeared in Machine Design)

A new air filter assembly was needed to fit into the shrinking underhood space of a major auto maker’s current model. The box cover, in particular, caused problems.

The air filter lid latch had to meet these requirements:

  • Have low profile.
  • Blend in with the underhood cosmetic theme.
  • Be custom-shaped to fit the housing.
  • Be free-standing with no base of its own.
  • Snap into an existing boss area without installation tools.
  • Be easy to operate by hand.
  • Corrosion resistant to withstand 96 hours of salt spray testing.
  • Be approximately 50 mm in length and 14 mm wide.

When this problem was presented to designers at Camloc Products, a 47L latch was first suggested. It was a basic design of a low-profile latch made of 17-7PH stainless steel. The steel is heat-treatable, which allowed a tempered drawhook to be made. The latch gets its locking capability from the metal’s temper, otherwise it would bend. Using this method allows the latch to retain its shape while the drawhook itself acts as a spring.

Engineers liked the standard design, but modifications were needed. Initially, a rivet-type base had been used, but the housing was changed to allow the latch to snap in place. The handle had to be shortened to provide more of an arc that conformed to the shape of the air cleaner.

Final assembly was suitable for hand installation. The 17-7 PH stainless steel used in the latch is designed to withstand the combination of heat and moisture found under the hood on the air cleaner.

camloc custom latches drawhookLatch and handle assembly was modified from a previous design to fit an air cleaner.

This custom designed latch helped clean up communications

custom latchInitially, a latch on a communication switch cabinet was not clamping EMI/RFI gasketing, and not closing properly.

This new latch solved the problem by providing a self compensating wire-form pawl designed to lead into a slot in the cabinet frame, providing sufficient clamping force and vibration resistance.

(See Pawl Latches H-49 through H-66). H-13